Community Association Financial (CAF) is a financial management company providing financial and accounting services to Homeowner Associations and other common interest developments since 1989. Our team consists of highly qualified accountants and support staff with extensive experience in HOA financial management. Our clients consist of management companies and self-managed associations up to 1,200 units, including several high profile complexes.

We take pride in offering quality service at competitive prices with no hidden fees or setup costs. We invest in long term relationships and hence do not believe in setup fees. We also offer custom service packages to accommodate Associations of all sizes and types in cities throughout California.


The CAF Team

       Our expert team of accountants and support staff have many years of direct industry experience.


Hermien Etemad   925-417-7100 ext. 1210
  Arash Etemad, CCAM   925-417-7100 ext. 1221


Lin Sun, Financial Manager   925-417-7100 ext. 1204
  Steve Plummer, Senior Accountant   925-417-7100 ext. 1218
  Lily Wang, Staff Accountant   925-417-7100 ext. 1223
  Laurie Huey, Staff Accountant   925-417-7100 ext. 1207
  Joginder Singh, Payables Manager   925-417-7100 ext. 1205

Support Staff

Melissa Capas, Escrow Coordinator   925-417-7100 ext. 1201
  Jennifer Bohn, Account Support Specialist   925-417-7100 ext. 1216
  Flavia Gherase, A/R Coordinator   925-417-7100 ext. 1213
  Paxton Cochran, Admin/New Account Support   925-417-7100 ext. 1217
  Krystal Anderson, Payables Coordinator   925-417-7100 ext. 1225

             Contact us to find out how CAF can help you.